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Geoige Pupa

Adventures in the Land of Stupid

By Geoige Pupa


Long ago and far away, in the Land of Stupid, there was a pickle and a hotdog walking through the forest, discussing the income that they never got. They came upon a big, fat owl with five eyes. The pickle asked him about his budget, and the hotdog threw-up money.

The owl then said, “I can’t eat Twinkys, because I’m a Polish Arabian in debt!” He then died and melted into mustard.

Since the hotdog had thrown up money, they had enough to provide shelter with remote-controlled room service and a stallion farm, as well as every luxury they could imagine. The pickle wanted to celebrate, but the hotdog ruined that when he sacrificed himself to the Gerber baby. The pickle was sad. He didn’t know why the hotdog had decided to sacrifice himself.

The pickle sold the house to a nice, sweet, old lady. Then he burned it down.

After a while, he became a merchant. He met a nice, little mushroom, and they became partners. After achieving great success, the most feared thing in all the Land of Stupid came to see them: THE BIG, BAD PIZZA!

The pickle and the mushroom ran away from the big, bad pizza! The big, bad pizza, however, caught up, ate every product they had, and drank all of their money. The pickle and the mushroom knew this meant certain death.

Then, just when it seemed like it was over...Wonder Snack-Cake came to the rescue. Of course, that was no good, because he had a heart attack and died, and all that white stuff came out of him.

       The big, bad pizza was about to eat the pickle and the mushroom, but then he had a stroke and forgot how to walk. The pickle and the mushroom ran away from him and lived strangely ever after.

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