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In Phase I of the Geoige Pupa Web site, the Geoige Pupa Preservation Society is reformatting a number of short stories and cartoons from around 1990, when everything was separate. In future phases, we will begin to see how the walls between worlds eventually collapsed, creating an enormous continuity which Geoige referred to as the Stupiverse. In the early days, however, everything stood more or less alone, and it was completely stupid.

As we have been able to sift through the vast tomes of Geoige’s work, we have determined that Phase I should include the first nine Adventures in the Land of Stupid stories, the first two Adventures of a Big, Ugly Snack-Cake stories, the first two Turkey Viking stories, the first episode of the serialized tale The Adventures of Mr. Turkey, and season 1 of the cartoon Wacko the Duck, brought to you through the wonders of “Pupamation.”

Some changes have been made since the original writing, which bear mention in this introduction. The Big, Ugly Snack-Cake was originally written more specifically as a big, ugly Twinky. In fact, anywhere you see mention of a “snack-cake” in these works, the phrase is replacing the word “Twinky.” Geoige himself made the change, because he didn’t want to share his majestic wealth with “those sniveling Hostess pixies,” as he was fond of calling them. The same is true for those “Mouse loving freaks” at the Walt Disney Company, when it comes to Wumble, who was one of the original supporting characters in the Wacko the Duck cartoon. Wumble, as it turns out, was a Wuzzle, plain and simple; and Wuzzles, as we all know, were trademarks of the “Mouse People.” Therefore, Wumble has been renamed and slightly recolored digitally according to Geoige’s specifications. The character shall henceforth be known as “Toothpick,” because that seemed the most sensible thing to call him.

What has been left out of Phase I are several bits of fan fiction, and two serial stories of Geoige’s own creation. The fan fiction included Geoige’s first story “Star Trek Part 3,985,” as well as “Demented Masters of the Universe,” “Demented Princess of Power,” “Demented He-Man,” and “Superman XXXVIII.”

The serialized stories both featured a character named Super Dude, and each consisted of three episodes. The first cycle was called Super Dude, and the sequel was Son of Space Ape. The Super Dude cycles have been left out, because they sucked to a shameful degree. Geoige once admitted that he hated them with a passion surpassing that of his searing lust for Bill Cosby’s closeted Italian shadow, Mr. Pibble, and that all they really were was an account of himself playing Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. and changing the names and situations to suit his evil needs.

While it is true that some of the stories we have chosen to present also suck to a shameful degree, they only do so, because Geoige wanted them to. Such is the case with the first episode of The Adventures of Mr. Turkey especially. As we post these works, just have faith that it’s all going someplace worth following, and enjoy these tales for what they are: a collection of brilliant artistry that your feeble minds may never be able to fully understand.


The Geoige Pupa Preservation Society

December 22, 2005

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