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Geoige Pupa

The Land of Stupid's Space Mission 2:

The Search for Le Toadstool

By Geoige Pupa



Long ago and far away, in the Land of Stupid, King Hairball, who shot from the throat of a cat early one October morning, decided it was time to send a search party into outer space to find Le Toadstool, who was lost in space in the last space mission. So, King Hairball called for his friends—the pickle and the mushroom. They had also been the crew on the first space mission.

The king gave them a robotic mushroom named Spinach #1. Spinach #1 had a homing device locked on to Le Toadstool. Now the only problem was that they didn’t have a ship, and the king didn’t want to have another one built. So, King Hairball kicked their booties so hard that all three of them were floating around in space in no time.

Spinach #1 led them right to Le Toadstool. Le Toadstool was in a big, metal piece of broccoli that was really a starship. When Le Toadstool saw them coming, he shot at them, then he let them on board. He said, “Welcome to the Starship Broccoli!” Then they started zooming towards the Land of Stupid, but all of the sudden, they crashed on an alien planet.

It was the planet Spaghetti Sauce. Le Toadstool said that it would be a few minutes before he repaired the ship. So, the pickle, the mushroom, and Spinach #1 wandered off into the Meatball Mountains. Then they ran back, because a big Ninja alien pizza was chasing them.

After Le Toadstool had repaired the Starship Broccoli, the crew got on. The Ninja pizza started throwing meatballs at them, so they launched a nuclear bomb on the planet Spaghetti Sauce and blew it away into nothingness, except for a few meatball meteors.

Before they got back to the Land of Stupid, they saw the alien pizza, on a meatball, crying, so they shot him dead on the spot. Then, when they got home, King Hairball gave them some medals and a pizza and spaghetti dinner, and they lived strangely ever after.


The End


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