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Geoige Pupa

Camping in the Land of Stupid

By Geoige Pupa



Long ago and far away, in the Land of Stupid, a pickle and a mushroom decided to go camping. They were all worn out, because they had just gotten back home from fighting an alien pizza. They thought a camping trip would be a good way to relax. They got all packed up and left their home address. They took everything except the elephant repellant.

After beginning their journey to the camp site in their old Volkswagen Bug, they found a little, zit-faced college student with glasses. He was listening to excellent classical music. The pickle didn’t like it when people listened to classical music, especially in the summer. So, since he was driving, he asked the mushroom if he would do something mean to the college student for him.

The mushroom got out a big machine gun and blew the college kid into a million pieces. Then the pickle stopped the car and got out. He poured pepper on the kid’s pieces, and they disappeared. Then he got back in the car and continued on his trip.

When the pickle and Mushroom got to the camp site, they used bad grammar, unless they were playing soccer. Then this big, hairy elephant with a real runny nose came up and said in one syllable, “Die.” Then he started doing jumping jacks, and that shook the ground, because he was really big and fat. He was at least twenty feet tall.

The pickle and the mushroom were beginning to wish they hadn’t forgotten their elephant repellant. Then, when it looked really bad for the pickle and the mushroom, the hero of the Land of Stupid came to save the day…Snack-Cake Boy! But he was no help, because the elephant jumped on him and killed him, and all the cream shot all over the pickle and the mushroom.

Then the elephant dropped dead from a heart attack, because he was afraid of snack-cake mess, and the pickle and the mushroom licked all the snack-cake mess off and went home. And they lived strangely ever after.


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