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Geoige Pupa

Wacko The Duck in the Land of Stupid

By Geoige Pupa



Long ago and far away, in the Land of Stupid, the pickle and the mushroom were having the mushroom’s cousin Le Toadstool over for a visit. Le Toadstool had just invented a dimensional key that could open doors to other dimensions.

The pickle and the mushroom thought it was a coffee machine, so they turned it on. Then the entire house lit up, and a duck walked out of the machine. The Land of Stupid didn’t have ducks.

Le Toadstool heard all the racket and came to see what was going on. He asked, “What made you decide to produce a dimensional portal to planet Earth and discover ducks?”

The pickle and the mushroom said, “I don’t know.”

The duck said his name was Wacko.

Le Toadstool said it was necessary to take Wacko home.

Just then, the pickle’s new puppy decided to conceal the machine in his stomach. After he ate it, he sank into his hole, where he liked to sleep.

Wacko was about to proclaim something, but he forgot what it was.

The pickle said, “Do I detect a confused duck who never would provide for his family and wants to take a detour to a helicopter and propel himself in the air and descend in disgrace to disturb the neighbors and tell them that you’re in control of what you confer?”

Wacko said, “No.” Then Le Toadstool put Wacko in the car and drove him back to Earth.

When Le Toadstool got back, he beat up the pickle, the mushroom, and the pickle’s puppy. Then they beat him up. Then everyone hugged, and they lived strangely ever after.


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