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Geoige Pupa

Attack of the Killer Sandwich


The Plate Lunch

By Geoige Pupa


Joey had now been in the nut house for fifteen months, after having seen that killer sandwich. He still saw the sandwich every once in a while, which was why he was still there.

Anyway, one day, right before lunch, the sandwich came to Joey and said, “This is the day that I really get revenge!” Then the sandwich left.

When Joey went to lunch that day, he noticed something about the lady serving the plate lunches: she was the lunch lady from school!!! Joey was happy to see a familiar face. He went to get his lunch and said hi to the lady. He asked her how things were going.

She said, “Today, you will suffer, so enjoy your lunch.” Joey thought she was nuts, so he just went to sit down. Then the evil lunch lady put a curse on his roll and drink. She had also put a familiar sandwich on his plate. When Joey sat down to eat and was attacked by his lunch, he looked at the sandwich, biscuit, and cup. They were all killers.

The sandwich said, “We will not harm you, but we will make you miserable.” Then the food killers chased all the doctors and patients all over the nut house and killed them all!

Joey managed to kill the killer biscuit and cup, but he could not find the sandwich. Joey found himself to be the only survivor. If anyone came in, they’d think that he’d committed all of the murders! So he left the nut house, knowing the police would soon be hunting him down.


The End


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