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Geoige Pupa

Teddy Pig 6

By Geoige Pupa


Not long ago and not far away, in a big city, Teddy Pig and his faithful side-kick Beaver were on vacation with the family, in Florida, on the beach. They were having a good time. The piglets were building a sand castle, Penny was getting a tan, and Teddy and Beaver were juggling sharks in the water.

Then Beaver suddenly sank under the water. Teddy dropped his sharks and went under to find him. He saw, in the foggy water, a metallic object. It swallowed Beaver then swam off.

Teddy followed it. He followed it to the deepest depths of the sea. The water became clearer, and Teddy could tell that it was a mechanical pig. The robot swam under a rock on a mountain. Teddy followed him. He found himself in a tunnel. He swam up the tunnel and found a room with lots of technological junk. Teddy crawled out of the watery tunnel and into the dry room, where he saw the robot pig who had swallowed Beaver standing with King Crunchnmunch.

The king smiled at Teddy. “Hello, Pig! Ha! Welcome to my room. This is my latest creation: Robo Pig!”

Teddy Pig asked, “What has he done to Beaver!?”

The king said, “Robo Pig, burp!”

Then Robo Pig made a belching noise, and Beaver came flying out of his mouth and into Teddy’s arms saying, “Hello, big boy!”

Teddy put Beaver down and started beating up King Crunchnmunch. The king called Robo Pig to kill Teddy, and Robo Pig started beating Teddy up bad. Beaver then slapped Robo Pig in the face with his tail. Robo Pig turned to get Beaver, but Teddy Pig found an on/off switch on his back. He flipped it, causing Robo Pig to shut down. Then he grabbed King Crunchnmunch and threw him into the underwater fortress’ main reactor.

Teddy and Beaver swam away as fast as they could. They got back to the beach and saw water gush into the air, back where the fortress had been.

Penny said, “Look, guys! A whale!” But Teddy and Beaver knew that the water spout had been caused by the explosion of the fortress.


The End


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