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Geoige Pupa

Attack of the Killer Sandwich


The Romance

By Geoige Pupa


Joey had now been in the nut house for three years. He had at long last gained control of his life and was nearly ready to return to the real world.

While in the nut house, Joey had discovered that the lunch lady from his school had survived the killer sandwich’s attack on the nut house a few years previous. She was still working there. Joey hadn’t caught on to the fact that she was behind the killer sandwich.

Also during his three-year stay, Joey had gotten a girlfriend. Her name was Paulina, and she had a bad habit of eating small creatures alive. She was also about to be released. The doctors had decided that she would be fine, as long as she didn’t eat anything illegal or unhealthy.

Anyway, after these two were released, the sandwich came to the nut house and talked to the evil lunch lady on her break. He told her that he was lonely and wanted a woman. So, she made him a girl out of a doctor’s lunch. The two sandwiches fell in love and ate everyone in the nut house together, except for the lunch lady. Then they left to go find Joey and ruin his life.

When the two sandwiches found Joey, he was in a burger joint with Paulina. He was eating a hamburger, and she was eating a chipmunk. The two sandwiches decided to eat them. They jumped up on the table. The original sandwich attacked Joey. His girlfriend attacked Paulina.

While Joey was struggling, Paulina was trying to eat the female sandwich. The killer sandwich realized that his girlfriend was about to become Paulina’s lunch. He stopped trying to kill Joey, went over to Paulina, and said, “Please, don’t eat her! I promise to never bug you guys again! Just let her go, and we’ll leave your lives peacefully.” So Paulina put the sandwich down and shared her chipmunks with them.

A few months later, Joey and Paulina had a double wedding with Mr. and Mrs. Killer Sandwich.


The End


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