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Geoige Pupa

Teddy Pig 7

By Geoige Pupa


Not long ago and not far away, in a big city, Teddy Pig and his faithful side-kick Beaver were flying through the sky on their way home, when they were suddenly sucked up by a space ship. They soon realized that they were on General Sludge’s ship. Before they could try to escape, they were taken away by twisted, mutated, alien guards. The guards took them to General Sludge’s quarters, where they were greeted by General Sludge and King Crunchnmunch. Beaver shouted out, “Hi, General Sludge! I haven’t seen you since ‘Teddy Pig 3’!”

Then everyone looked at Beaver and said, “Huh?”

King Crunchnmunch dismissed the guards. Then he said, “Teddy, Beaver, you’re going to do me a favor. You’re going to blow up the world.”

Then Beaver said, “No way! If my dad ever found out, he’d rise from the dead and beat me black’n’blue until I grew a third eye and my tongue fell out!

“Then my mom would say, ‘Ward! Don’t you think you’re being a little bit hard on the beaver?’”

Then the king said, “Don’t worry; I was only joking. I would never give up all the fun of destroying this planet myself! Ha ha!”

Teddy Pig looked at King Crunchnmunch and said, “Man! You’re crazy! What do you want to blow up my world for?”

King Crunchnmunch said, “I don’t know. I’m just bored. Now let’s go to the command tower.” With that, they went to the command tower. King Crunchnmunch looked down at a weird creature and said, Drippy, push the button!”

Beaver looked at the evil king, after Drippy had pushed the button. “I thought you wanted to destroy the planet yourself.”

“Oh, I do! Drippy’s just warming up my super nuclear warhead. I’ll launch it myself later!” With that, King Crunchnmunch snapped his fingers. Two guards came in and zapped Teddy and Beaver with stun guns.



When the two heroes woke up, they found themselves chained to the warhead. Before they had a chance to think, the evil king had pushed the button, sending the warhead on a mission to destroy the planet Earth. After being dragged through space for hours, Teddy could see the earth. Unfortunately, neither he nor Beaver could do anything to stop the tragedy that the king had promised. The warhead grew closer to the earth with every breath the heroes took. Teddy looked at his faithful side-kick and said, “Well, Beaver, it’s been great working with you. You’re the best side-kick a pig could have. I’ll see ya’ in the afterlife.”

Beaver looked at Teddy and replied, “It’s been real, dude.” Just then, a short streak of light flew by. Teddy recognized it instantly! It was his son, Teddy Jr.

Teddy Pig, Jr. stopped when he saw his father and Beaver and said, “Hi!”

Teddy Pig looked at the piglet and said, “Junior! What are you doing in outer space?! You’re not even allowed to cross the street!”

“But I didn’t cross the street, Daddy! I just flew straight up.”

“Oh well; I’m actually glad you’re here, Son. Try and get these chains off of me and Beaver.”

Teddy Jr. snapped the chains off of them with ease.

Beaver was shocked. “How did he get those chains off so easily?!!”

Teddy replied, “I don’t know, but he’s also the only one in the family who can open anything childproof.” Teddy then looked at Junior and said to Beaver, “Get Junior home, Beaver. I’ll take care of this warhead!”

With that, Beaver took Teddy Jr. home. Teddy then grabbed the bomb and turned it around. It went straight to the evil aliens’ ship and destroyed it completely. Then Teddy flew home to have dinner with his wife Penny, his six piglets, Beaver, and his dog Buster; all of whom, after nearly losing his life, he appreciated more than ever before.


The End


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