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Geoige Pupa

More Adventures in the Land of Stupid

By Geoige Pupa


After the pickle and the mushroom had escaped the big, bad pizza, who had suffered a stroke and forgotten how to walk, they decided to go back into business as merchants and sell all new merchandise. Their best sellers were the barrels of elephant repellent.


At the same time, the big, bad pizza grew anxious to eat the pickle and the mushroom, so he bought a wheelchair, since he couldn’t walk.


Anyway, the pickle and the mushroom bought a new computer, but it didn’t work, because it kept saying, “I assure myself that I perceive that you are fortunate to have me sing ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.’” Then it trembled and turned into spinach. The pickle and the mushroom looked in amazement, and then, they ate the spinach.

All of the sudden, a visitor rolled through the front door in his new wheelchair…THE BIG, BAD PIZZA! He ate their Orphan Annie communication rings.

The pickle and the mushroom ran and ran. Then they bought some transportation with the money they made selling elephant repellent. It was an old Volkswagen Bug. They drove it to the deepest depths of the forest. When they got there, all the trees were singing, because they were too stupid to know they couldn’t.

The pickle and the mushroom got out of the car and began to wander closer to the home of the great Yucky Mud, the only one who knew how to destroy the big, bad pizza. When they found him, he bestowed upon them the Icky Diamond and told them to make the big, bad pizza eat it.

Then, all of the sudden, the big, bad pizza came after them. He ran over the pickle, fell out of his wheelchair, and swallowed the mushroom. But the mushroom had the diamond, so when the big, bad pizza swallowed him, he also ate the diamond. So then the big, bad pizza disappeared into nothingness, and the mushroom was saved from a horrible fate. Then the pickle got up and was okay. A little, old lady came up and said that the pickle had burned down her house. Then they shot her, because she was too old.

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