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Geoige Pupa

Some Fat Guy's Adventure in the Land of Stupid

By Geoige Pupa



Long ago and far away, in the Land of Stupid, a pickle and a mushroom were having a throw-up contest on a dimensional portal. After a while, a big, fat guy popped out and barfed all over them. Then he went on to barf all over the Land of Stupid!

The ruler of the Land of Stupid, King Hairball, who shot from the throat of a cat early one October morning, was really upset, because the whole land smelled like barf! So the king sent for the great onion witch of the North East. She brought her friends, the pickle and the mushroom, whom she had helped get out of court a while back. She cast a spell over all the barf and made it turn into jelly rolls.

Then the fat guy started eating the jelly rolls. After he ate them all, he passed out. Then the king put an apple in his mouth and ate him all up.


                                             The End

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