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Geoige Pupa


By Geoige Pupa


Far into the future, in a big city, the police force was dying, and so was the city. An army of crime, led by a maniac named Max Darion, had nearly destroyed the city. There were only two members of the police force who hadn’t been killed by Darion’s army. One was a detective; the other, a broken-down police robot, who had lost his legs and one arm when he had tried to arrest two of Darion’s men. He was now reduced to serving coffee. The detective had sent the robot to New York, where the mechanical genius who had built him could work on him.

            The police station phone rang. Detective Slade answered the phone. It was the robot’s creator Dr. Smarts. He said that the robot was repaired, with a few modifications, so the detective went to New York to pick up the robot. When he got there, Dr. Smarts showed him a 100-foot tall super robot! Slade said, “You did this to Joe-1?!”

            Smarts said, “Yep. He’s not Joe-1 anymore. He’s Big-Bot: the ultimate police robot.”

            Slade took Big-Bot home and sent him into action. Within a week, most of Darion’s army was destroyed.

            Darion became very angry. He sent his last two (and best two) men to destroy Big-Bot. When they found Big-Bot, they shot at him. He recognized them as the two who had nearly killed himthe two that had reduced him to serving coffee. So he aimed his huge laser gun and destroyed them.

            Then a helicopter flew over Big-Bot’s head. It was Darion! He shouted to Big-Bot, “I have your friend, pal!” Then he showed him Slade all tied up. Darion then shot the detective in the head and laughed! Then he hit Big-Bot with a missile. He was about to fly off, but Big-Bot got up, unscratched, and blew him out of the sky with his gun.

            Later, the city was rebuilt with a new police station named after Detective Slade.



The End



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