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Geoige Pupa

Big-Bot 2

By Geoige Pupa


Far into the future, in a big city, five years after Max Darion’s crime wave, Big-Bot was visiting his old friend in New York, Doctor Smarts, who had created him. Doctor Smarts proposed some modifications to Big-Bot. Big-Bot looked over the blueprints. The modifications would make him more aerodynamic. Big-Bot told the doctor to start work immediately.

The doctor worked quickly, completing the work in a five month period. Big-Bot was now sleeker and not so bulky-looking, and he was much more flexible. The doctor had also installed some new gadgets that would help Big-Bot with his crime-fighting. Big-Bot, pleased with the doctor’s work, thanked him and went home.

The next day, he was patrolling the city. Everything was normal, until a huge flying saucer flew over him. A huge magnet pulled him into the saucer. He found himself in a room resembling an arena. A voice echoed through the room. “Welcome, Big-Bot. I’ve waited a long time for this moment. Ha ha!”

Big-Bot recognized the voice! “Darion! But that’s impossible! I killed you five years ago!”

The voice of Max Darion spoke again. “I’d like you to meet my five-year project: Crusher!” With that, a huge door swung open and a robot the size of Big-Bot came into the room. This robot had six huge arms, and it stared menacingly at Big-Bot. Darion said, “I’ll let Crusher play with you while I prepare to destroy the city! Ha ha!”

Big-Bot had to get rid of Crusher fast and then stop Darion.

Crusher came at Big-Bot from behind. He grabbed him and started squeezing with all his might.

Big-Bot flipped open a small door on his back, releasing a drill. The drill tore into Crusher’s chest, causing him to release Big-Bot, but Crusher pulled out a gun twice the size of Big-Bot’s. He pulled the trigger, blowing a hole in Big-Bot’s chest the size of a car.

Big-Bot wasn’t so merciful. Aiming his gun at Crusher’s head, he decapitated and destroyed the six-armed menace.

Big-Bot then found a human-sized door on the wall. He knew Darion was behind it. Big-Bot busted through the wall, finding a twisted man in a wheel chair, with no legs, one mechanical arm, and completely covered in burn scars.

The man looked at Big-Bot and said, “What’re you lookin’ at? This is what happens to people who blow up! Soon, I’ll have my revenge! This saucer will drop on the city in exactly one minute and explode!”

Big-Bot, knowing that if he destroyed the ship before it hit the ground the city would be saved, aimed his gun at the main reactor and fired.

The saucer exploded, covering the sky with an orange cloud. The police officers who had seen Big-Bot go on board were overwhelmed with sadness, until they saw him fly down on propellers (one of the doctor’s gadgets).

Doctor Smarts repaired Big-Bot. He put a door on the robot’s chest only to be used in emergencies. Then Big-Bot went home.


The end



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