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Geoige Pupa

Turkey Viking

By Geoige Pupa


Many years ago, on a Viking ship in the middle of the ocean, the ship mascot, a turkey, was saying to himself, “Here I am. A turkey. A mascot on a Viking ship. I don’t know what to do with my boring life.”

Just then, the captain ran out onto the deck and said, “Ze ship iz under attack by ze alienz!” And, sure enough, an alien space ship was over their ship. The captain didn’t know what to do, so he screamed for help.

Then the turkey shouted, “Now I know what to do with my life!” He quickly went down into the ship and got an outfit. He then flew out and shouted, “Just call me Turkey Viking!”

He then flew up to the alien ship, and the captain said, “Yeah, Turkey Viking!”

Turkey Viking then found the alien leader and shouted, “Get away from our ship!”

The alien looked at him and said, “No! You get away from my ship!”

Then Turkey Viking said, “Make me!”

So the alien said, “No!”

So then Turkey Viking said, “Okay. Then I’ll blow up your ship.” And he did. He then flew away in the nick of time.

When the ship exploded, the alien flew out and said, “You doo-doo head!”

Turkey Viking said, “Shut up, elephant booger!” and then watched him fall into the sea. When he returned to his Viking ship, the captain appointed him the official ship hero.


The End


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