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Geoige Pupa

Turkey Viking 2

By Geoige Pupa


Many years ago, on a Viking ship in the middle of the ocean, one of the Vikings, called Mr. Retardo, went to Turkey Viking and said, “Turkey Viking! Captain Mustard Mush has been carried off by an icky vulture! You must save him!”

Turkey Viking said, “I’ll do my best, Mr. Retardo!” Turkey Viking flew until he found the vulture’s nest. He landed there and found the vulture.

The vulture said, “Who are you?”

Turkey Viking said, “I’m Turkey Viking! Who are you?”

The foul fowl said, “I’m Shortneck the vulture! What do you want?”

Turkey Viking said, “I want Captain Mustard Mush!”

Shortneck said, “Forget it. I threw him to the sharks!”

Then, filled with rage, Turkey Viking punched the villain in the face and called him an elephant booger. Then he saw the captain floating in the ocean. A dorsal fin came very close to him. Turkey Viking then dove into the ocean and punched the shark into the sea.

When he got Captain Mustard Mush back to the ship, the captain said, “Thank you, Turkey Viking! Once again, you have proved to be a true hero!”


The End


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