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Geoige Pupa

Teddy Pig

By Geoige Pupa


Not long ago, and not far away, in a really big city, a pig named Teddy was walking with his main sow Penny. They had been dating for a long time now, so Teddy decided to pop the question. He sat Penny down and sang her a song that he had written himself.


“♪Penny, I love you, and you don’t know how

“It’s all because, you’re my main sow

“You’re really bacon my heart, yes you am

“If you’ll be my wife, I’ll be one happy ham.♪”


Yes, it was a corny song, but it really got to Penny. She was about to give Teddy an answer, but just then the evil, alien cookie, King Crunchnmunch, warped to Earth and kidnapped Penny. This made Teddy mad. He didn’t know how he could save his babe.

Just then, he remembered there was a job opening for city super hero. He rushed over to the mayor’s office and got the job. He was lucky to get it, because the other guy who applied was perfect; he just couldn’t fly.

So anyway, Teddy flew off to find King Crunchnmunch. When he found him, he saw Penny tied up, with the evil king throwing carrots at her. The king was shouting, “Eat me, baby!” They were on top of the highest building in the city.

Teddy was really mad, so he flew down and sucked up King Crunchnmunch, chewed him up, made him into a lugie, and spit him back to his own world. Then he rescued Penny.

She agreed to marry him. So, a few weeks later, they were married, and they lived like pigs ever after.


The End


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