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Geoige Pupa

The Quest of Turkey Viking

By Geoige Pupa


Long ago, on a Viking ship in the middle of the ocean, Mery the sea king was visiting his old friend Captain Mustard Mush. He had brought along Lobster Man, the hero of the underwater world, to protect him.

Turkey Viking and Lobster Man were comparing their brave deeds, when a huge sea monster rose out of the water. All of the men on the ship were terrified.

Lobster Man looked at Turkey Viking and said, “Stay back; I can handle it.” He then jumped up into the monster’s face and pinched its nose.

King Mery ran out on deck and shouted, “Lobster Man! You can’t defeat him! It’s Bigen, the ancient sea creature!”

Lobster Man asked, “How did he get here? I thought he was entombed by the Diamond of the Deep!”

Just then, Shortneck the vulture flew by. “He was! But I removed the Diamond, and now he’s not!”

The sea monster then licked Lobster Man off of his nose and swallowed him. Then he ate Turkey Viking’s best friend, Mr. Retardo. Turkey Viking was really mad, so he flew up to Shortneck and shouted, “Where’s the Diamond?”

Shortneck said, “You’ll never find it. I…” With that, Shortneck died.

Turkey Viking flew off and searched for hours. When he came back, he kicked Shortneck in the stomach. Then the diamond flew out of the vulture’s mouth.

Shortneck had eaten the diamond. That was why he had died.

Turkey Viking threw the Diamond at the monster. The monster returned to his tomb, and Lobster Man and Mr. Retardo returned to the ship. That night, the crew had vulture for dinner.


The End


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