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Geoige Pupa

Teddy Pig 2

By Geoige Pupa


Not long ago and not far away, in a really big city, Teddy Pig was flying around looking for people to beat up, because he was the city’s official super hero.

He was just getting ready to call it a night, when out of the sky came a big lugie. It was coming right for Teddy. Teddy looked closely at it, then he realized that it was his old enemy King Crunchnmunch.

The snotball king hit him directly in the face. They both fell to the ground, right in front of Teddy’s house. The king looked at Teddy and said, “It’s your fault I’m in this form! I’m going to have my revenge tonight! I have your wife. Meet me on the moon at 10:00, or I take her to my world. You and I will fight to the death!” With that, King Crunchnmunch oozed away.

Teddy had to be sure whether or not that booger-brained snot-ball had actually taken Penny. He ran into the house. The house exploded instantly.

Meanwhile, the evil king told Penny what had been done. Penny cried. Then the evil king’s ship left the moon, but in mid-flight, the ship suddenly stopped, and Teddy Pig busted in with a little, round, blue puppy. He let the puppy go after Crunchnmunch. The little puppy sucked him up with glee, and that was the end of the evil king. Then, with the puppy in his right arm and Penny in his left, Teddy Pig flew to Earth.

They had to stay in a hotel until the house was replaced. Penny asked what the dog’s name was. Teddy said, “This is Buster. I got him for your anniversary present.”

Then Penny said, “Oh! You remembered! I have a present for you too. I’m pregnant.”

With that, Teddy fainted, and they lived like pigs ever after.


The End


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