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Geoige Pupa

Lobster Man

By Geoige Pupa


Many years ago, under the sea, in the Mer Kingdom, King Mery and his good friend Lobster Man were touring the kingdom. They came to a mountain, where the evil villain, Seaweed Man, lived, but they didn’t know this. They were quickly eaten by a big shark.

The shark swam into a cave and spit them out. Seaweed Man was waiting for him. He looked at King Mery and Lobster Man and said, “Good job, Teeth. You can leave us now.” So the shark left. Seaweed Man smiled. “Welcome to your new home. You’re going to rot in my dungeon, while I move into your castle. Ha!”

Lobster Man got angry and ate Seaweed Man, then he and King Mery swam home.

Later that night, while Lobster Man slept, Seaweed Man crawled out of his mouth and got thrown in the dungeon by the guards.


The End


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