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Geoige Pupa

Attack of the Killer Sandwich


The Manhunt

By Geoige Pupa


Joey had been on the run from the police for a long time now, because, as he had suspected, they thought he had killed everyone in the nut house. The police had chased Joey all over the country. They finally got him in a grocery store. He was given a trial and sentenced to death the next morning. He had a mean judge.

Anyway, the next morning, Joey was led to a chamber and seated in an electric chair. The policemen controlling the switch were laughing and making fun of the killer sandwich story.

Just as one man was about to pull the switch, out of nowhere the killer sandwich came in and killed all the cops in the room. Then he said, “Fools; he’s mine to kill!” Then the sandwich got closer to Joey, who was strapped tight in the chair, screaming for help. The sandwich was about to pounce on Joey, when a group of cops came in and started shooting at the sandwich.

The sandwich got away, but the spy cameras in the station got the whole incident on tape. So, Joey’s name was clear, and he was able to go back home to his family.


The End


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