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Geoige Pupa

The Return of Turkey Viking

By Geoige Pupa


Many years ago, on a Viking ship in the middle of the ocean, Lobster Man was visiting again. To everyone’s surprise, a big shark started circling the boat. Mr. Retardo ate the shark and belched with glee.

Then a mushroom warrior jumped out of the sea and slapped everyone around a little. He knocked out Lobster Man and Captain Mustard Mash and scared the other Vikings away. Then he was about to eat Mr. Retardo, when Turkey Viking flew down and threw the mushroom warrior to the other side of the ocean.

Everyone was very happy that Turkey Viking had returned from the alien planet. Captain Mustard Mash asked Turkey Viking why he had returned.

Turkey Viking replied, “I finally taught those elephant booger aliens to be nice, so I decided to let someone else be king so I could come home!”

That night, they had a big party, and everyone was happy.


The End


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