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Geoige Pupa

The Frog


By Geoige Pupa


One day, in a small city called Old Timer Town, a big frog that was five stories tall jumped out of a lake and started eating people and buildings. Since only old people lived in Old Timer Town, they couldn’t run, so the frog ate them easily.

The frog had already eaten one third of the city when a band of renegade, superhuman, old people escaped from The Home. They started throwing pies, wigs, wrinkles, and dentures at the frog. The frog got mad, so he grew a third eye and six extra legs.

Then he started coughing up cheesecakes all over the renegade, superhuman, old people. This made the old people drunk, and so they died. The frog ate them all up, along with the rest of the city, then he hopped off into the sunset.


The End


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